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Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes. The app will appear in the App Store as a native app, can be searched by your business or organization name, and has your own thumbnail icon that will appear on the end user’s phone.

Yes. In fact, this route will save you quite a bit of money in design work as we’ve had our team of designers create templates for you to choose from and we then customize specifically for you.

No. We are not contractors, so we will not charge you up to $150/hr just to do routine maintenance on your app as this is required from time to time due to operating system updates and new device releases. Maintenance is included in our monthly service.

Absolutely. We offer services like in app user behavior analytics, performance tracking, retargeting, and other complementary services to help you get the highest ROI to turn this technology into it’s own perpetual marketing machine and user engagement tool.

We sure do. If you’re interested in becoming a channel partner or independent integration specialist feel free to CLICK HERE.

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